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My name is Marquita Walker Brown and I've been at RAINBOW VILLAGE CHILDCARE for the past 10 years.  I've experienced being the head teacher for almost all of our age groups and have helped the former director with various work for about 5 years.  I recently obtained my CDA while also going to school for my bachelor's degree.  I've officially worked as RVC's assistant director for the past year and I'm OVER THE MOON to take on the mantle of Director. 

I'm married and have 2 children - a son in college and a daughter in middle school.  I love my job - I love what we are trying to do here at RVC by teaching and nurturing all of our children.  I hope to get to know each and every one of our families.

When we opened, we had 7 kids - 3 of whom stayed all day.  Now, 18 years later, we have 8 preschool rooms and a gym. Our 7 kids and one employee grew to our being licensed for 105 and having a staff of 25. I am very proud of our center.

SAFETY, LOVE and EDUCATION is what’s important here at RVC.  Please don’t confuse us with a “daycare” or “babysitting service” because we are neither of those things.  We are a school to be sure and our rules and regulations are important to our existence… it's just that, well, to us, it’s all about the child and what’s best for them. 

Hope to see you soon!

Mrs. Brown

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10 years of working with kids, and raising 2 kids of my own has taught me more than you can possibly imagine.  Here is what I’ve learned the last 10 years here at RVC…      


I LOVE that I get to see little smiling (Okay, not always smiling...but oh so adorable) faces every morning…

I LOVE that the staff and I laugh so many times a day at something one of our kids says or does…

I LOVE that most all the teachers and I can tell which child is crying when we’re not in the same room with them,       

….AND, we can tell if it’s a hurt cry, tired cry, or having a tantrum kind of cry…

I LOVE that we are privileged to be able to watch some of our kids grow for 3 or 4 years and often get one of our kids siblings, so that when they’re off to school, we can still see them grow far beyond our imagination…

I LOVE that I get hugs every day, or that one of our littlest munchkin comes to me with their arms up to be picked up…

I LOVE that I know how to get a child to stop crying, whether it’s because they have fallen, they’re having a bad day, they’re having a problem separating from Mom or Dad…they’re tired, or …just having a tantrum…

I LOVE that the kids respect me…somehow knowing I mean business at times when I speak to them, and yet, they run to hug me every time I come into the room.

I LOVE that I get to work with parents who are open to learning new ways to parent.

I LOVE that the girls & I laugh a lot with our parents, and that often, I become “friends” with many of them.

I LOVE watching the kids grow and mature. When a 2 year old is suddenly 4…and “all grown up” it’s truly amazing.

I LOVE when a parent “gets it” when we talk about their child …maybe not being ready for kindergarten.               

I LOVE when parents come to me for advice. For me, it’s a sign of respect that is like no other.

I LOVE when parents bring gifts and treats and thank you cards for my staff. They are the best most caring teachers you’ll ever find and they don’t get enough KUDO’s for what they do for, and with, your kids each day.

I LOVE when parents read my emails and do things we ask of them.  The simple gesture of dressing your child in a certain color when we ask, speaks volumes to us.

I LOVE when parents participate willing in, and care about, things we do here at RVC. 

I LOVE the staff…enough said!

AND NOW, here’s the other side.

I DON’T LIKE it when a parent doesn’t know my name.  I do think it’s important to know the director’s name.

I DON’T LIKE when we’re not taken seriously as a school with rules and regulations that should not be broken or ignored.

I DON’T LIKE it when parents don’t know who their child’s teacher is or what their teacher’s names are. 

I DON’T LIKE to have to ask for donations for various things and wish I could afford to buy everything new.

I DON’T LIKE that we have to do fundraisers to make extra money to buy toys and equipment and to fix things, and that all of our money goes to pay staff, pay bills and THEN to BUY supplies…in that order.

I DON’T LIKE it when parents disregard our rules and allow their child to eat while walking through our center. 

I DON’T LIKE when parents hang around in the morning when their child is having separation problems - IT ONLY MAKES IT WORSE.

I DON’T LIKE it when parents forget to bring clean sheets or extra clothes.  We also don't like when parents don't put their child's name on their sheets or extra clothes.

I DON’T LIKE when a parent comes in yelling at the first person that opens the door when clearly, that person is not their child’s teacher and knows nothing about the sippy cup that is missing.

I DON’T LIKE when parents bring their child in after 9:00.  It disrupts every class and shows us great disrespect.  Besides that -- Children are NOT accepted into the center after 9:15am.

I DON’T LIKE it when parents tell us to keep their kids up from nap because they will be picking them up early, then show up at 3:00 and their child has been waiting (and not napping) the entire time.

I DON’T LIKE it when a child gave up their BINKY a year ago, and when parents walk in, it goes right into their mouths.

I DON’T LIKE when parents tell us their child is potty trained at home…so what are we doing wrong, when being with that child 8 or 9 hours a day, we know they are not really potty trained, Mom is.

I DON’T LIKE it when parents come in talking on their cell phones and their child wants the parents undivided attention after a long day without them.

I DON’T LIKE it when parents place blame on us when clearly they are just mad and it’s not our fault at all.

I DON’T LIKE when parents don’t call and let us know that their child won’t be in school, especially when they are sick.

I DON’T LIKE it when parents knowingly bring their sick child to school.

I DON’T LIKE it when parents pay late.

I DON’T LIKE to hear the excuses I get when a parent pays late and it’s that everything else is more important than paying for childcare…car needed fixing…bills needed paying…things came up…and yet, WE have the most important thing in their lives…their child and in reality, should be paid first - otherwise your child may get dropped from the program.

I DON’T LIKE when parents drop off or pick up their kids and don’t talk to us. 

I DON’T LIKE when parents think their child can do no wrong..never hit…never lie…never say “no”.

I DON’T LIKE when parents think their kids don’t make up stories about everything.  We hear stories about what goes on in your lives and in your house EVERY day and believe very little of it…  Otherwise we would be calling CPS daily...

I DON’T LIKE snow days.

I DON’T LIKE it when parents call just before 6:00pm to tell us they are going to be late and think that that phone call absolves them from having to pay the late fee.  WRONG. Late fee stands no matter what.